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So here is my reality…..

I am 20 Years young, just months away from 21.
I am an Artist.
I am well above my years.
I am graduating college in one more year.
I am independent.
I am single.
I am confident.
I am strong.
I am determined
I am my own person.
I am not in control
I will not fret over finances
I will not be envious
I will not boast my achievements
I will not be sad about my losses
I will not be concerned with negativity
I will not allow any person, place or thing keep me from my divine Promise over my life.
I will be Fearless
I will Pray
I will complete a 4 year undergraduate degree in only 3 years.
I will study abroad in Europe.
I will leave Savannah, GA to work in another city or county that God will guide me to
I will be happy
I will be successful
I will be a vessel to help others and their walk in Christ
I will laugh and smile at my days to come
Because I am God’s creation
Because God is in control
Because Knowledge is power
Because I acknowledge HIM
Because I am unashamed
Because I want to serve
Because I have NO doubt
Because He won’t lead me astray
Because of my Faith
Because of Mercy
Because All is Well
Because of I Love Him
Because He Loves Me More.
Because He is able
Because the Blood Still Works
Because I Love Who I Am.


I’m gonna sit right here til you find me…

When I know I know

I know my heart enough to say its infatuation

I know my heart enough to say its nothing

What separates me from you is that I know what I’m doing

God lent me the confidence because I seek his knowledge

I know when I made a mistake

And I know what not to repeat.

You left stains

On my skin

On my sheets

On my me

I let my guard down for you

In return I’m stained.

His blood washed me clean

Now I sit and wait and let love return to me

Return when its right

Return when its grown

Return when every circumstance is ready for the love I bring.

When I know I know

Cause I know me

There’s something in between

But I won’t question what I can’t see

When its time for me to know, I’ll know

When its time for me to react I’ll be fast

But I know enough to know

That I’ll never know

So I sit here and wait and let love return to me.

By: Stephanie Brown


Congratualtions Envy

I’m really happy for you

Honest I am

But HonestLY the word happy can’t fall out my mouth.


Can’t Breathe

Hit my chest to get my heart back on beat

Be still…

I’m trying Lord

But I just can’t help to wonder when it will be me

Saying cheese for the pictures I take

Soaking up the Congratulations and blessings thrown in my face

To my phone

And my timeline won’t leave me alone

But I wait…

Cause I can’t schedule what I can’t control.

I won’t lie I’m jelly

I want that to be me


Rose petals

Throw rice at me!

Me and Mr. Unknown

Cause according to God its too soon

To reveal my future forever

So I wait…


Take a break

Congratulations Envy!

You’re testing my faith.

By Stephanie Brown


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